With a virtual health and fitness partner, you can reach your goals!

Would you like to have better quality of life, sleep more soundly, and have the energy to do the things that you love? Joy of Movement provides you the opportunity to work with an in-home personal fitness trainer and virtual health coach, Tiana Mylene. I am a Boulder native and an ACE Certified Health Coach, an ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, with a bachelor's in Exercise Science from UNC,  who has been training clients since 2010. I will provide you with fun, safe and effective personal training, along with healthful eating strategies, for a powerful approach to achieving a vibrant lifestyle and an energetic body that you love. I am now offering virtual coaching for your convenience. 

Have you tried diet and exercise plans in the past that worked for a while, but were not realistic to maintain, so you didn't stick with them? That can be frustrating, and I understand how painful it can be to try so hard to get results, and not have them last. Quick-fix diets and intense workouts that leave you exhausted are not sustainable. So, what is the real solution to achieving your health and fitness goals to look and feel more vibrant, fit and energized?  Keeping workouts fun and balanced, so that you enjoy your workouts, see the results, and feel good during and after your workouts, while eating intuitively. The focus is on listening to your body for cues.

With Joy of Movement, you make gradual lifestyle changes that are sustainable. A combination of mindful eating, fun workouts, restful sleep, and a positive mind-set, along with a training partner to motivate you, are what it takes to reach your health and fitness goals! You will have support in all of these areas to make lifestyle changes simple to understand and implement for a more healthful and empowered future!

I provide support and motivation between sessions via text messages, or e-mail, if you prefer. Knowledgeable, patient and consistent coaching will guide your journey towards the new you waiting to be strengthened and empowered! You will receive guidance to attain your comfortable weight, flexibility, strengthening and toning, improved balance, as well as stress reduction. This leads to more confidence and the ability to reach, and more importantly, to maintain your fitness goals! 

We will work together on any health concerns that you may have, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, asthma, or heart disease. This does not replace the advice of your physician.

This holistic approach is fun and will get you healthy results, so what are you waiting for?

Joy of Movement offers training in Boulder, Longmont, Berthoud and Loveland, CO.