Philosophy of the Joy of Movement

Three things are provided in the Joy of Movement's functional fitness approach.

1. Nurturing yourself, so you are caring for yourself, as well as others. Being gentle with yourself and listening to your body, as you make changes regarding eating well, becoming more active, and making yourself and your wellness a priority, is an important part of this coaching process. 

2. Your physical fitness is achieved through customized workouts, mindful eating, and gradual lifestyle changes to help you make yourself a priority and take care of you to be able to live your life fully!

3. Finding your comfort zone in this new, healthful lifestyle includes learning how to relax with mindfulness, and celebrate your successes and the positive changes you see and feel as you reach your goals!

The combined power of this holistic approach brings lasting results, and if you feel stuck, or a lack of motivation, you can reach Tiana by phone or text to help you get past that plateau, and keep moving forward toward your goals.

Tiana is here to give you a hand as you take this positive step toward the new you!

My mission is to help those of you who are ready to change their lifestyle for the better to take the steps to achieve your goals gradually and safely. This approach builds healthful habits that are attainable and sustainable for a lifetime. Sometimes we need a little nurturing an motivation, and I am here for you! Do something especially for you!