I greatly value my clients' trust and our partnership, and keep clients' information confidential. When my clients are successful, I am successful! It's all about working together to get results!

I am available to train, answer questions and motivate and support clients by e-mail or text, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., daily. Guiding clients toward a more healthful and physically fit lifestyle is my mission. Seeing clients reach their goals is awesome!

Client Testimonials

Testimonial from Lauren T. "Thank you for being so informative, encouraging and caring! You are the ideal trainer!"

Testimonial from A.J. "Tiana is a fabulous trainer that takes a holistic approach. She is easy to work with and provides daily motivation to keep me going! She is reasonably priced and provides a lot of great knowledge and resources. I highly recommend working with Tiana!"

Testimonial from Jenny H. "I thoroughly enjoyed my workout experience with Tiana. She came to my house or we met at the park every week to do her custom workout that I loved! Several times my kids were even running around. Wonderful trainer!"

Testimonial from Denise B. "I hired Tiana not because I needed more knowledge, but because I wasn’t taking the action to get ready for a mountain trek that was planned. Even though I knew how much more painful it would be if I had more weight on my bones, and was less fit, I was procrastinating. I need to “get serious” – to up my cardio, to start doing regular weights and abs exercises again, but wasn’t quite sure how to get started.

The very day I left a message, I went to the gym. Tiana helped me by designing several options for upper and lower body weight work, using three different approaches, some that I could do at home. The in-person training sessions were scheduled very conveniently for my schedule and location. Before long, I knew how to work 250 min of cardio, and 120 minutes of weights/abs into the week, at the peak of my training.

Tiana is so very patient. She is kind, but she could tell when I needed a push, versus a break when I was pushing too hard. She is a wealth of information on fitness, nutrition, supplements, and working toward specific, unique goals. Now after finishing my first training package with her, I have reversed the inertia that was taking me in a negative direction with my health and my weight. I’ve always valued my health, and athleticism, yet I needed a helping hand (and heart) to walk my talk. Regaining health and fitness takes time, and sometimes progress feels like it should be more visible, more quickly. I have lost ten pounds and all of my muscles including my gluteus, leg and upper body muscles are much stronger. Yet, even more importantly, I now have a sustainable routine for building strength and toning at a sane pace. I would highly recommend her services when you are ready to take your health and fitness to the next level. She’s a brilliant and fun coach to get you there when it’s time to invest in yourself."