Living a life that feels meaningful and that feels like we are fulfilling our purpose is inspiring and helps us to feel truly alive, and to thrive. Finding our passion and our purpose can be a long journey, and a joyful journey. Life is all about learning experiences. We can learn all throughout our lives, and that is what keeps life interesting, along with not knowing what surprises our lives will bring. The twists and turns in life help us to learn which way we really desire to move forward and to grow. Keeping our hearts and our minds happy and inspired is as important as keeping our bodies healthy. When our hearts and minds are happy, it's easier to be kind to ourselves and to be inspired to take care of our bodies. Health is all about balance, and focusing on all aspects of ourselves, and staying connected to the people in our lives that are supportive and that we also help to support on their journeys. Life has its challenges, but ultimately, can be joyful and meaningful when we stay focused on our goals and take little steps, consistently, to reach our goals. A caring friend, relative or health coach can help you to map out the steps to reach your health and fitness goals in a fun and joyful way when you're ready to make a change!